28th Foundation - October 4, 1934

NAMED : Mount Alverna
« How happy are the poor in spirit;
theirs is the kingdom of heaven. »
( Mt 5, 3 )

BISHOP : Joseph E. McCarthy
« May God bless your hope in the Divine Providence and may through the Blood of Jesus, His Son, and the intercession of Mary, our Mother, we can expect abundant blessings for the spiritual needs of our diocese.»

FOUNDRESSES : Mother Margaret Mary (Margaret Thompson)

Sr Mary of Jesus (Helen Teresa Duffy) Sr Mary Euphrasia (M. Rose Valentine Provost)
Sr Fidelis (Helen M. O’Connor) Sr M. Genevieve (Bertha M. Connell)
Sr Marie of Presentation (Mary Anna Rioux) Sr Mary Paula (M. Yvonne Landry)

Precious Blood Monastery
166 State Street
Portland ME 04101-3794
(207) 774-0861
(207) 774-3253 (Fax)



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