17th Foundation - June 5, 1924 / July 1948

NAMED: Our Lady of the Precious Blood
« The blessing-cup that we bless is a
communion with the blood of Christ.»
(1 Cor. 10, 16)

BISHOP : Henry Lecroart, s.j.
« God’s will was evident. Our Lord wanted to pour through your dear Institute, torrents of his Precious Blood. Hear the gratitude of the Bishop who sees through the Blood of Jesus the promise of a fruitful apostolate.»

FOUNDRESSES: Mother St Paul of the Cross (M. Louise Cote)

Sr Agnes of the Precious Blood (Stephanie L’Heureux) Sr Mary Rita (Clara Samson)
Sr St Ann (Lumina Dufort) Sr Mary of Calvary (Noella Bissonnette)
Sr Josephine (Margaret Muller) Sr St John of God (Elizabeth Carey)

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