10th Foundation - December 8, 1898

NAMED: The Cenacle
The Master has this to say to you:
Where is the dining room in which
I can eat the passover with my disciples.?
( Lk 22, 11 )

BISHOP: Denis M. Bradley
May your arrival be a source of blessings for our city and our diocese.

FOUNDRESSES: Mother St Gertrude (Marie de Valerot)

Sr Mary Reparatrice (Ellen O’Donell) Sr Theresa of Jesus (Angela Cidad)
Sr St Paul of the Cross (Elisabeth Mattews) Sr Imelda of the Eucharist (Margaret McEnerny)
Sr Mary of Gethsemane (Mary Caroll) Sr Mary of Jesus (Margaret M. Rooney)
Sr Aloysius (Mary Graham) Adele (Adela Castro), postulant


Precious Blood Monastery
700 Bridge Street
Manchester NH 03104-5495
(603) 623-4264 or
(603) 669-2879
(603) 647-8385 (Fax)

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