Sixth Foundation - April 30, 1890

NAMED: Bethlehem
And you, Bethlehem, you are by no means
least among the leaders of Judah.
(Mt 2, 6 )

BISHOP: John Loughlin
I am very happy to welcome a troop of virgins adorers of the Precious Blood.

FOUNDRESSES: Mother Mary St Gertrude (Mary de Valerot)

Sr Mary Carmel (Aurelie Caouette) Sr M. Berchmans (Agnes Renaud)
Sr M. Joseph (M. L. Merrick-Collins) Sr Marguerite Mary (Euretta Waddington)
Sr Catherine of Ricci (Catherine M. J. Collins) Sr M. of the Guardian Angel (Adelaide Trudeau)
Sr M. St John Baptist (Regina Trahan) Mary of Jesus (Marguerite Rooney), postulant

Precious Blood Monastery
5400 Fort Hamilton Parkway
Brooklyn NY 11219-4037
(718) 438-6371
(718)438-6381 (Fax)

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